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PRODIS.Tech company manufactures equipment for NDT and security applications, inspection of biological samples and laboratory animal science

X-ray television system Prodis.Micro

Designed for NDT, PCB inspection (BGA) and scientific research. System supplied with dynamic x-ray flat panel and microfocus source.

System copmplies with international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices. …→

Dynamic high resolution x-ray flat panels Prodis.Mark

Designed for NDT, security inspection and biological research. Able to get high-resolution digital images with pixel pitch starting from 50 µm.

The flat panels can be supplied as OEM parts with all required SDK packages. …→

DiSoft Software

Designed for digital processing and storing of x-ray images. Images can be acquired from various radiographic systems: digital detector array, x-ray image intensifier, CR and film digitizer. …→