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And Now for Something Completely Different

X-ray equipment manufacturers Conference 2020

Dear colleagues, we would like to invite you to VII “X-ray equipment manufacturers Conference”. Conference will take place in Saints Peterburg November 26-28, 2020.
During conference you could discuss scientific and practical papers with developers from medical and industrial areas, take a look into digital radiography and tomography equipment at ETU laboratory.
Conference site

Demo video of PCB inspection system

Colleagues, we proudly presents two demonstration videos of functioning of our system for x-ray PCB inscpection PRODIS.Electro.
You could judge overall speed and quality of acquired x-ray images (used binned mode). Microfocus source is made in Russia.
Without any mathematical image processing!

Food X-ray inspection

We would like to share results of recent research – our microfocus x-ray inspection system was successfully applied to a large batch (600 kg) of food production.
We were able to find and throw out ice cream with inclusions.

An overview of flat panel detectors

Colleague from “Newcom-NDT” company has prepared excellent video overview of various types of f;lat panel detectors and their application. You can see our products among others.

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