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And Now for Something Completely Different

Tomographic data from 2021 year

Dear colleagues, it was interesting year. Wi did a lot, but even more we were not able to do. Our budgetary microtomography system has been accelerated very well. Let’s see what we have done within tomography research during 2021 year.

What’s inside of shoko egg – tomography will answer

Let;s have some fun and study content of shokolade egg with a surprise, but do not open it. our tabletop microtomography system PRODIS.Compact is able to do such magic!

VolumeGraphics broschures

VolumeGraphics company, known leader in the area of industrial CT software, has release broschures on Russian languages.
Our company is official dealer of VolumeGraphics software and you are able to include VG software with any modules into tomography system purchase.

Download link.