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And Now for Something Completely Different

X-ray CCD detector

New development project has started – it is x-ray detector on a series of CCD sensors with Peltier cooling for microtomography and difractometry application

Image matrixfrom 9 to 16 Mp
Pixel sizefrom 7 to 12 um
Active image size36×24 or 36×36 mm
Saturationfrom 30 000 to 100 000 e
Dynamic rangefrom 65 to 80 dB
Reading speedfrom 0,2 to 5 frames/s

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New software XVizor

Our colleagues, Newcom-NDT company, have finished integration of detector into software XVizor.  Features and user interface description of this software is available in Products section

New standard for x-ray inspection ISO 17636 – Application reports

This year in Russia comes into effect International ISO 17636 standard parts 1 and 2. Standard gives instructions for digital x-ray inspection with Duplex IQI. In collaboration with foreign partner we finished application reports for two PRODIS.Mark assemblies for mid energy (150 kV) and high energy (300 kV) ranges. You can find results of test in Publications section.