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Tabletop microtomography system Prodis.Compact

High resolution tabletop uCT system designed for analysis of various samples, measurent and 3D visualisation of internal sample’s volume.
Compact assembly copmplies with regulations for fully shielded radiation devices.

MicroCT allows to manipulate with magnification and rotation of sample, do tomographic reconstruction up to 1800 projections. System could be supplied with flat panel manipulator or heating/cooling stages.

Key features:

  • Best image quality – pixel pitch 50 µm
  • JIMA test resolution 15 µm
  • Anode voltage up to 80 or 100 kV
  • Large door for easy sample loading
  • Size 100х50х50sm
  • Full automatisation of tomography process
  • Start up work and teaching in 1 day
  • Elbrus processor option
  • Volume Graphics software option

Download brochure Prodis.Compact

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