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X-ray component counter Prodis.Component

Designed for x-ray counting of components in reels, belts, tapes, tubes and tapes’s fragments. X-ray control of electronis parts and assemblies ip to 5x magnifications is also available.
Support of counting: capacitors, resistors, crystals, inductors, LED, transistors, diodes and other components.

Key features:

  • Test resolution from 15 to 50 µm
  • Anode voltage up to 80 or 100 kV
  • Magnification from 1x to 5x
  • Reel size up to 420×420 mm (17 inch)
  • Inspection zone up to 430×430 mm
  • Count components up to 01005
  • System dimensions 65х65х120 sm

Download brochure Prodis.Component