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X-ray television system Prodis.Micro

Designed for NDT and scientific research. System supplied with dynamic x-ray flat panel and microfocus source.

System copmplies with international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices.

Could be supplied with automatized manipulation system for detector and x-ray source.

Key features:

  • Sensitivity: class 1 on GOST 7512 and class В on ISO17636-2
  • Pixel Pitch 50 µm
  • JIMA test resolution 6 µm
  • High speed data acquisition (up to 30 FPS)
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Magnification mode
  • Inner dimensions 50х50х60sm (enlargement on request)
  • Automatized movement of detector and x-ray source (on request)
  • Grid (on request)
  • Computer tomography module(on request)

Download brochure Prodis.Micro