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XVIZOR Software

Designed for digital processing and storing of static and dynamic x-ray images. Images can be acquired from various radiographic systems: digital detector array, CR and film digitizer. Linear dimensions and optical density measurement tools, image database management and archivation.
Key features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Variety of filters, including user filters
  • Special XM filter for objects with high range of thicknessess
  • Video mode for choosing a proper image projection
  • DICONDE compatible, supports XYZ, TIFF file formats
  • Protected file format XVZ
  • Supported standards: STO GazProm 2.2-4-083-2006; RD TransNeft 25.160.10-КТН-016-15; GOST 23055 + GOST 7512

SW manufacturer – Newcom-NDT company

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