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radiography, NDT, non destructive testing, detector, flat panel, x-ray,
Since 2019 we successfully developing software and hardware projects in the area of x-ray equipment.
Our mission – to bring the highest standards of NDT x-ray inspection to industry.
We possess own technology of developing and manufacturing software and hardware, mostly xray detectors and systems. Our factory located in Moscow suburbs.
Company develops and support own innovation platform «proDIS» for varios xray detectors and optic cameras, industrial equipment, with unique image processing and analysis instruments integrated in.
Technological stack «proDIS»:

  • C++ 14 standard, QT/QML
  • Image processing: CUDA, OpenGL, OpenCV
  • Scripting: JavaScript
  • Fully crossplatform
  • OS: Astra Linux, Windows
  • We have finished dozen projects in xray defectoscopy and image analysis. We support OEM supplies of software for client’s hardware.