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X-Ray PCB Inspection system Prodis.Electro

Designed for PCB and BGA chips inspection, x-ray control of electronis parts and assemblies. 30x magnification and a video mode allow to find most of casual PCB assembly defects.

Key features:

  • JIMA test resolution from 2 to 10 µm (depends on model)
  • Max. anode voltage up from 90 to 150 kV (depends on model)
  • Magnification from 1x to 30x or to 100x (depends on model)
  • PCB size up to 300×350 mm
  • Tomosynthesis (planar CT, option)
  • Seamless stitching images up to 80 Mp (option)
  • PCB weight up to 5 kg
  • PCB and detector movement
  • Angle view 45 degrees
  • System dimensions 80х80х90 sm
  • System weight 8500 kg

Source 2 um

Source 10 um

Download brochure Prodis.Electro